wonder why Iá keep forwardingáemails to
you without writing a word,

maybe this could explain:áá


WhenáI'm very busy,
but still want to keep in touch,á
guess what I do -áI forward emails!


WhenáI have nothing to say,
but still want to keep in contact,á
I áforward emails!


WhenáI have something to say,
but don't know what, and don't know how
I forward emails!


To let you know that:

you are still remembered,
you are still important,áyou are still loved,
you are still cared for, you are still wanted,
guess what you get?

A forwardedáemail from me.á

So, my friend, next time if you get an email,
don't think that I have sent you
just an email, but that....á


I Have Thought

of You Today!




copyright© tordis 2008